What is a Polo Shirt and Why Do Malaysians Love to Wear Them?
What is a Polo Shirt and Why Do Malaysians Love to Wear Them?

Polo shirts are a common type of semi-casual shirt worn by Malaysians for leisure, work or corporate events. Since polo shirts are one of our bestsellers here at Boxy, we’ve decided to pay tribute to this well-loved shirt.

If you’ve ever puzzled over where polo shirts get their name or the types of fabrics they are usually made of, you might just get some interesting answers today! We'll also throw in some of our own tips on how to choose and buy a quality polo shirt to help you out the next time you're buying one.

Let's get going!

What are Polo Shirts?

Polo shirts are uniquely designed clothing pieces that are instantly recognizable from their collar placket neckline, and short sleeves. Sometimes, polo shirts would include a single pocket.

Before they became popular as mainstream leisurewear, polo shirts were worn as the official wear of - you guessed it - British polo players in the 1920s. They were eventually redesigned and brought to mass wear by designer Ralph Lauren who created the polo tee at first as luxury leisurewear for the rich.

The polo shirt was then adapted as the official wear of tennis players before finally finding its way into the closets of non-tennis players.

Polo Shirt Fabrics

If you take a good look at most polo shirts, you’ll notice that the texture is slightly different than t-shirts. This is because they are usually made of knitted rather than woven fabrics which are more common of most t-shirts. In Malaysia, Polo shirts are usually made of knitted fabrics from either polyester (microfibers) or cotton.

Why Polo Shirts?

We often deem polo shirts as neat, smart and professional. They're usually the best choice for when you're going to attend an event that is casual but almost important. Polo shirts are also going to last you a while as they're made from tough fabric that withstands daily wearing and frequent washing. If you're someone who dreads needing to constantly buy new clothes, polo shirts can be your go to as they're an all in 1 for any occasion. 

Where to buy Polo Shirts Online?

If you are a polo shirt enthusiast who hates shopping in stores, you'll want to have a safe and reliable place to replace your polo shirts that have worn out online.

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