/ Popular Plain T-Shirt Colors Malaysians Wear and How Best to Style Them
Popular Plain T-Shirt Colors Malaysians Wear and How Best to Style Them

These days, blank t-shirts are no longer boring clothes you wear when you run out of more fashionable pieces in your closet. Instead, they've become a fashion staple in the closets of even the most stylish people on Earth today.

That's because t-shirts without prints are one of the most versatile clothing items around. You can mix and match them with anything from a formal blazer to button-ups, changing your look from one to another like a fashion chameleon! And honestly, how can you go out of style with a plain t-shirt?

Other than coming in a large number of styles, t-shirts these days have an endless number of colors to pick from. This only means two things: first, when you're sick of one color, you can pick another one, and second, you won't ever run out of ideas for your next look!

Whether made from cotton or polyester, you will be spoilt for choice. But not all tee colors are made equal, however! We've compiled five of Malaysian's most loved colors so you can get stylish right away! So if you've been on a search of the next plain t-shirt color, we hope you'll find your next favorite one right here!

1. Most Popular: The Black Plain T-shirt - An Elegant and Classy Basic

The plain black tee is easily one of the most iconic pieces when it comes to plain t-shirts. A staple of the fashion scene since the 70s, black tees give off a cool, 'gangsterish' vibe in most styles they are worn in. Fans of the classic movie Grease will remember Danny's (played by John Travolta) iconic all-black look. With a slightly folded sleeves black tee, good-looking face and a great vibe, Danny's ready to turn heads as he walks in!

Image from The Telegraph

A black tee is great for work and play, making them easy to transition between the two. If your work environment requires you to get down and dirty, packing your closet with black plain tees can be a god sent. For gym rats, black tees are a god sent muscle tee! In any case, if you don't have even one piece of black tee in your closet yet, run out and get one!

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2. Plain White T-shirt - Clean-cut and Refreshing

Arguably as iconic as the black tee is none other than the white tee. Usually worn alone or with a jacket, a plain white t-shirt gives off a clean-cut and fresh vibe - almost reminding us of our school days wearing white uniforms. In fact, your white tee can help you complete an edgy look when paired with a rugged leather jacket like what John Travolta's Danny has done in Grease:

Image from CharacTour

Take off the jacket and you're back to being clean-cut and fresh looking! Be careful with white t-shirts, however. No matter how careful you are, you'll probably end up with more stains and spills on them than you'd like. So if you do come across a white shirt you like, be sure to get a couple!

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3. Grey Plain T-shirt - When You're Feeling Mellow

Grey plain t-shirt is another basic t-shirt that has found its way to closets everywhere in Malaysia. While not as 'cool' as black or clean as white, grey sits in between as the color of choice if you're going for a more mellow look and don't particularly feel like getting noticed.

Worn on its own or with a plaited button shirt as this Instagram model has done allows you to be stylish yet subtle:

Image from @menwithstreetstyle Instagram Page

Go for a light grey t-shirt when pairing up with bright colors and a darker color when pairing up with colors like black. A great color choice as casual office wear, casual hangouts and for working out in.

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4. Navy Blue Plain T-shirt - Exude Confidence, Mystery and Boldness

Navy Blue t-shirts almost shout to people that you are confident, bold and mysterious. While they can be worn alone, navy blue t-shirts are best paired with darker colored outer wears like a dark blue or black jacket as Instagram style man Matthew Zorpas has done here:

Image from @matthewzorpas Instagram Page

Navy Blue t-shirts make good compliments for formal occasions and less so for casual occasions. If worn casually, be sure to pair them up with equally bold colors or your navy blue shirt may easily feel out of place.

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5. Forest Green Plain T-shirt - A Bold, Unexpected Choice

While forest green may at first not appear like the color of choice when picking out a casual plain t-shirt, in reality, forest green t-shirts are one of the best colors that can help you stand out from a crowd. Just take a look at how Instagram style icon Adam Gallagher pulls off a forest green long sleeve u-neck shirt with just a pair of blue denim underneath:

Image from @iamgalla Instagram page

If you already have all the basic tee colors in your wardrobe already, consider picking up a forest green tee and make a bold yet subtle statement on your next outing!

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Plain t-shirts are no longer just companions for other shirts. Stylishly worn plain t-shirts prove that you don't always need a printed shirt to make a statement. Worn the right way, even plain tees can help to make you look good and feel confident!

Black, white, grey, navy blue and forest green are some of Malaysia's most favorite colors when it comes to plain tees. If you don't yet have any of these colors, check out Boxy.my and explore from u-neck, polo, short-sleeve, and short-sleeve shirts today!

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