6 Mistakes Malaysians Make With Their Cotton T-Shirts and How to Better Care for Them
6 Mistakes Malaysians Make With Their Cotton T-Shirts and How to Better Care for Them

Cotton is the most common material worn by people all over the world and in our home country of Malaysia. They are comfortable to wear and soft on the skin. I'm willing to bet that if you open your closet now, you'll probably be able to find at least a few pieces of cotton t-shirts in it.

While cotton t-shirts make a great companion for casual outings, they can also be easily damaged due to the natural fibers that are used to make them. Without proper care, you'll often find your cotton t-shirts worn out, torn or distorted way before they are due for a change.

So, what should you do if you want to keep wearing your favourite cotton t-shirt for as long as you can? Follow the care tips below to find out:

5 Pro Tips on How to Take Care of Your Cotton Shirts

1) Wash with other cotton shirts

The soft and natural nature of cotton fabrics makes them easily distorted when washed together with tougher fabrics such as jeans. So, whenever you are washing cotton shirts, make sure to only wash them with other cotton shirts. This allows them to keep their shape better over time.

2) Don’t dry your cotton t-shirts using the dryer (air dry instead)

Dryers often use high temperatures to dry shirts. High heats can damage the natural fibers of cotton fabrics and cause them to shrink or become distorted. For better maintenance of your cotton shirts, hang your clothes on a rack the old school way and allow them to air dry instead!

3) Avoid ironing your cotton shirts unnecessarily

Unlike microfiber shirts, cotton shirts can become wrinkled easily, especially if you keep them folded in your closet before wearing them. For people who like looking neat, wrinkly shirts can be frustrating to look at. The first thing you'll want to do is take out your trusty iron and start making the creases disappear!

But wait! Before you put the iron on your favourite cotton shirt, we urge you to be cautious. As mentioned earlier, cotton fabrics can be quite sensitive to high heats and your ironing can cause permanent damage to your shirt.

So what can you do then? If you must use the iron, we recommend putting it at low heat to reduce the damage. A better way though is to hang your clothes when drying and storing. This will reduce wrinkles when it's finally time to wear them!

4) Wash in cold water

Washing your clothes can feel like a low-risk activity, but it's one you need to be careful with when handling cotton shirts. When washing cotton shirts, it's worth using cold water. If you must use warm water, make sure to check the label on your clothes to understand the temperature tolerance of the shirts before giving them a spin!

5) Have a few pieces to switch around and avoid wearing the same thing too often

Since cotton is made up of natural fibers, they tend to wear out more easily compared to synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon. If you love a particular cotton t-shirt, we recommend buying 2 - 3 pieces of it and switching between them to avoid overwear. This also reduces the need to wash each shirt.

6) Don't wash frequently

In order to prolong the quality of your cotton shirt, it's always best to wash only when required. Not only does too much washing cause your tee to stretch and fade, it also slowly reduces the durability of the shirt as well. Hence, to maintain the way it looks, try to lessen the frequency of throwing your t-shirt into the washing machine. You'll thank us later!


Cotton shirts are one of the most ideal pieces of clothing for casual wear in tropical countries like Malaysia. High-quality cotton shirts are especially comfortable for daily use.

With most fabrics though, the better you take care of your cotton t-shirts, the longer they last. Avoid exposing your cotton shirts to high heats and buy a few extra shirts to switch around. By following these tips, you'll be able to get more out of every piece of cotton t-shirt you buy.

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